Coast to Coast Experiences and Urban Outings Seattle Enter Tourism Focused Partnership

Coast to Coast Experiences is thrilled to announce that in December 2021 they entered into a strategic partnership with Urban Outings Seattle and their co-brands; Gray Line Seattle and City Sightseeing Seattle.

This new partnership is expected to accelerate growth, efficiency and innovation to these brands in the post-pandemic revitalized tourism industry in the Pacific Northwest. The new partnership leverages the respective strengths of Coast to Coast Experiences and Gray Line Seattle Tours and City Sightseeing Seattle Hop-On, Hop-Off Tours to create compelling value for both companies, their shareowners and visitors to Seattle.

Coast to Coast Experiences will provide operational and sales and marketing support, aligning both companies for the long-term by combining their strengths. Visitors to Seattle will benefit from the remarkable experiences and tours showcased in parallel with the well-known worldwide brands of Gray Line and City Sightseeing.

As the travel, tourism and hospitality industries from all over the world begin to recover, Coast to Coast Experiences recognizes strong growth potential in their current markets and is excited to enter into another key market in North America.